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Collecting and Selling Advice

About us
First established in 2003 under the name ‘Mark Faith Books’ the newly refocused ‘Festival Art and Books‘ has now been running for over twelve years. Our expert proprietor Mark Faith has been in the business of rare books and collectables since the beginning of the online shopping phenomenon. In that time he has seen the web change the landscape of the market dramatically. What used to be specialist knowledge has now become common knowledge, as amateur dealers are now able to research their area of interest within a few hours. This means that a lot of the information out there is coming from less then reliable  sources and, some of this information is, in fact, some completely false. The truth of the matter is that with so many people now selling the treasures they have found in their attics the market has never been so fluid and changeable. The market behaves more like the daily stock or commodity markets. Therefore, buying your rare books and collectables from FAB has never been a wiser decision as we can guarantee that your purchases are of the highest quality leaving you free of the usual worries and anxieties.
FAB also provides a bespoke service for collectors by buying and sourcing the books they need. Our job is to make sure the copies we find are of a high enough standard to satisfy the most serious of collectors. For our Managing Director, Mark Faith, this process is far more than just a business. Mark, himself, has a great appreciation for the work of fantasy writers and illustrators. This admiration was most obviously  on show in 2010 when the company hosted ‘The Festival in the Shire’. The event was designed to be hub for Tolkien inspired musicians, artists and dealers. We hosted exhibitors from all over the world including some of the finest Tolkien scholars. By creating this festival Mark truly immersed himself in the world of Middle Earth, and demonstrated beyond any doubt that, he shares your love of fantasy fiction. 

Evolving Markets
Collector markets have become more like commodity or stock markets subject to almost daily volatility. The internet has a huge impact on all markets requiring constant monitoring of supply and prices.  The primary service we provide as a seller is finding the best condition examples and pricing them according to the market at the time.  While you can do this yourself, its very time consuming and can be hit and miss. We offer consistency in building a first-class collection. More often the bargain you find is off-set by paying too much for other books, making the bargain not so much a bargain!  We understand modern markets, put our experience to work for you.
Consignment Sales. 
The internet provides ample ways to sell your own books and art.  However, when it comes to high value items, buyers are wearier and prefer to buy from an established dealer.  Foremost because if something goes wrong they know the dealer’s public reputation is on the line. Buying from a private seller you risk having to go to court if nothing else work’s. The dealer has too much to lose as a business and will work with you. You may make more money selling yourself and not having to pay selling commissions, however in a specialist market a dealer may be able to obtain a higher selling price than you can, more than covering the selling commission. Foremost dealers are professional salespeople and selling is a skill. We’ve been at it 35 years! Ask about our consignment selling services.
Buying Agent.
Many of our clients wish to remain anonymous. Some collector markets although worldwide comprise a small number of serious collectors whom become well known to the market and no longer get objective service and prices. Once word is out they are looking to buy, prices go up.  Equally if there’s been a recent public sale with new high benchmark price, prices go up on everything in that genre, even with private sellers. Where selling is a skill, so is negotiating to buy. Contact us about our bespoke buying services. We simply charge a flat percentage rate as a fee, the rate dependent on the level of buying.
Commercial Agent Representation
Writers write, artist produce art, but this doesn’t mean they are particularly good at running their own commercial affairs. Again selling and negotiating are skills acquired over decades, the same as the craft skills to produce quality creative output. As an agent for a number of artists and writers, we feel it’s best to let each party excel at what they do best. We are very good agents with some 35 years business experience. Today’s commercial landscape is more challenging than ever with the internet changing how we work and new emerging global markets to sell to. While the internet opens new doors, it also changes how business in some sectors is traditionally conducted, some would say for the worse. It is still evolving constantly. Unless you have the skills and are prepared to put in the time away from producing your craft, engaging a commercial agent is increasingly the better choice.  A full time agent can be out working for you ensuring you don’t miss an opportunity. The downside is the best agent relationships are partnerships. You will have to share decision making an income. Are you sales slowing down or dead, you likely need a good agent! Contact us.